Adam Valentine


What we were sayin this mornin mate about people people wanting training shortcuts and to see results instantly… Had another mate ask me how I’ve lost the weight and toned up so easy…what’s the secret etc.

Had to say it was’t/isn’t easy and there is no secret. It’s been bloody 2 years hard graft!!

Reversing over 10years worth of unhealthy lifestyle. Dragging myself out of bed for 6am gym sessions (especially cold dark winter mornings). Going right back after work. Early morning Sunday bootcamps. Keeping to a strict healthy diet!

No shortcut. No quick fix. Just hard work, dedication and hunger to want to achieve!

The health benefits have been/are immense…not using my inhaler for over 5 months now is proof of that. Even more so (vainly) the looking good, feeling good and confidence makes the early mornings, aching after quality sessions, ‘sacrificing’ alcohol & fatty foods and making time to train, all worth it!

I remember telling you I had no time for the gym… I had work, I had uni etc. I’ve had all that the past 2 years, and then some, yet I’m down at the gym 5-6days a week, usually twice.

My only ‘secret’ would be that I WANTED to get there and put the dedication and graft in to do it. That’s what’s given me results.

You’ve massively helped me in getting the results, achieving goals and breaking PB’s consistently – 3 already this week! (Aiming for 2 more on Fri!!). You’ve pushed me through horrible sessions, I’ve hated you some days, but over 10stone lost later, speaks for itself. (We have had great sessions btw, just the ones where I’m telling you to f’off are more memorable ;-P ).

I have been asked if having a PT helps… It’s 50/50…yeah, they do, 100%, if you want it and put the work in. You can ‘facilitate’ me to get there, but it’s my own determination that’s seen it through. It’s me doing the work, you can’t do that last rep for me, you get me there and beyond though.